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Moustache Race 8 2019


Grip control Ultimate rear shock 200×57 with hard anodized coating for low friction, dynamic rebound control for insane grip on the rear wheel and perfectly balanced stability. 160mm travel.

Benno eJOY – Capri Blue


Benno the designer writes..”I’ll admit, while designing the eJoy I was really inspired by the lines of vintage Italian scooters and classic German cars. The eJoy combines the timeless language of vehicle design of the past with modern technology to create an ebike that’s both charming and capable. The powerful and efficient Bosch Active Line PLUS motor pairs with a sturdy oversized rear rack and an optional frame-mounted front tray to give you serious load capacity. Its comfortable and upright, yet powerful riding position makes riding easy and fun, while the extra-strong aluminum frame with its low step through design gives you a tight ride with extra control. The eJoy is a true two-wheeled electrical vehicle that allows you to leave your car behind, whether you’re running errands or on an adventure”


Moustache Race 8 2018


Samedi 27 RACE is the heavy duty version of the TRAIL.

It allows for a more extreme ride, more “Race” to snap a time on an enduro, or simply to ride full speed on any extreme path, whatever the direction of the slope!

Moustache Xroad 3 (2019) open frame


For so many reasons the Moustache Xroad is New Zealand’s most sought after Rail Trail machine.  The Xroad ticks EVERY box for comfort, reliability and handsome good looks.