Everything you need to know about the Lundi 20

Everything you need to know about the Lundi 20

The Lundi 20 is Moustache’s first cargo bike. After years of prototypes, assessing other options on the market, and refinements, Moustache have finally brought the Lundi 20 family to the market in 2022.

Lundi 20

The Moustache Lundi 20.

Why is it called the Lundi 20?

As the name suggests, the Lundi 20 rolls on 20-inch wheels. Using 20” wheels has many benefits. Firstly, the smaller wheels are easier to maneuverer. Secondly, using 20” wheels has allowed Moustache to keep the length of the Lundi 20 to 1.85 metres, which is around the same length as the ‘regular’ sized Lundi 27.

Thirdly, 20” wheels with wide tyres lower the overall centre of gravity of the bike, which increases its stability when loaded up. The last reason 20” wheels were chosen was because Moustache identified that cargo bikes are often used by multiple people in the same household. By using the smaller wheels teenagers will fit on the Lundi 20 with ease. There’s more ingenuity that’s gone into making the Lundi 20 fit a broad range of rider heights, but we’ll go into that later.

Lundi 20

The Lundi 20 will fit riders from 155cm to 190cm.

So that’s the ’20’ part of the name covered, but why is it called the Lundi? Moustache wanted to keep the iconic DNA of their first urban bike, the Lundi 26 and then 27 with the new Lundi 20. To achieve this, they kept the overall length similar, retained the classic Moustache handlebar, and designed a bike in a single size that fits riders between 155cm and 190cm.

The Lundi handlebar style wasn’t chosen purely for aesthetics though. Its swept back design puts the rider in an upright riding position with good visibility, and the centrally mounted Intuvia display gives you all the information you need in an easy to see location.

What is a cargo bike? 

A cargo bike is a style of bicycle that’s designed to carry more cargo than other types of bikes. The Lundi 20 range is the ‘longtail’ style of cargo bike, which as the name suggests means most of the cargo is carried behind where the rider is seated, on the oversized rear rack. Moustache decided on the longtail format over other options such as a front-loading cargo bike as longtails take up less space, are easier to maneuverer, and this style of bike fits with Moustache’s DNA of making bikes that are a joy to ride.

How much cargo can the Lundi 20 carry?

Despite its compact size, the Lundi 20 can carry a huge 200kg of cargo (including the weight of the rider). Cargo can be carried at both the front and rear of the bike.

Lundi 20

The Lundi 20 is designed to haul big loads.

How is cargo carried on the front of the Lundi 20? 

There are two options to mount cargo to the front of the Lundi 20. The first is using the burly Moustache Magnum Large Front Rack. This custom designed rack bolts directly into the Lundi 20’s frame and is ultra-sturdy. Its 40cm x 30cm size is compatible with the Euro crate standard, and Moustache even have a custom crate (the Moustache Frida MIK 33L Crate) that fits the Magnum rack perfectly and allows you to carry up to 15kg of luggage. Frida attaches to the front rack in seconds using the MIK system, which is essentially a clever clip that attaches accessories to front and rear racks.

Lundi 20

The Frida Crate attached to the Magnum Front Rack.

If the Magnum rack and Frida crate combination is too burly for your liking, there’s a more minimalist setup on offer. The Charlie Small Front Rack is a piece of art, with its minimalist design still offering huge usability with its MIK fitment system. Moustache have created the stylish Salvador 23L basket to accompany the Charlie, which can also be loaded up with 15kg of cargo. The Salvador also features the MIK fitment system and attaches and removes in seconds.

Lundi 20

The Salvador Basket attached to the Charlie Rack.

Another benefit of the MIK system and the accessories Moustache have created for the Lundi 20 is their interchangeability. Whilst people using the Magnum would probably select the Frida crate, and those who chose the Charlie will probably pick the Salvador basket, you can use either option with either rack. You can also use any other MIK accessories, or even your own crates or accessories that you could secure with straps. On the topic of straps, that’s another little detail Moustache have nailed that we’ll discuss later!

How is cargo carried on the rear of the Lundi 20?

There are limitless options for carrying cargo on the rear of the Lundi 20. There are five separate MIK HD attachments, which are different from the attachments on the front rack as MIK HD (heavy duty) can carry children and adult seats.

Carrying multiple children is a huge benefit of cargo bikes. The Lundi 20 range can carry two children and their luggage with ease. There are several MIK HD baby seats on the market that clip into place and can be removed when you don’t need them in seconds. The Lundi 20 will also accept many universal fit baby seats but check with your local Moustache dealer if you’ve got a preferred baby seat as to whether it will fit.

Lundi 20

Riding with two kids on the back is a breeze on the Lundi 20.

Alongside the MIK HD fitment system for baby seats, the Lundi 20 also features the Albert protection bar. The Albert is essentially a handrail that gives children something to hold on to and prevents passengers and cargo from moving from side to side when the bike is moving.

For bigger children (over the age of 5) or even adults Moustache have teamed up with Urban Iki to create the Moustache X Urban Iki Seat Pad. This seat pad is minimalist in design and folds away when not in use. It’s a comfortable seat for bigger children and adults to ride safely on the back of the Lundi 20. There’s also a seat belt for additional security, and Moustache have also created the Diego passenger bar, which is a handle for passengers to hold onto.

Like the front rack and crate/basket options, your options when it comes to fitting baby seats and seat pads on the rear rack of the Lundi 20 are limitless. You can opt for two baby seats, two seat pads, or one of each.

What about carrying other cargo on the back of the Lundi 20?

Alongside carrying humans, the Lundi 20 has been engineered to carry luggage, groceries, and just about anything with ease. The Frida crate and Salvador basket can both be used on the tray of the rear rack if you’re not using it for baby seats or seat pads. You can also use your own boxes or crates, and they’ll be secure due to the included Albert protection bar. To provide additional security to luggage both front and rear you can use the Moustache Hook Kit, which is designed specifically to fit the tube shapes of the front and rear racks.

Lundi 20

The Moustache Hook Kit allows you to carry irregularly shaped objects.

If you’re carrying your own boxes or irregularly shaped cargo on the Lundi 20, Moustache have created the Mario Modular Bar. Mario attaches to the Albert Protection Bar to secure irregular objects on the rear rack. In combination with the Moustache Hook Kit, your cargo won’t be going anywhere!

What about pannier options?

There are multiple pannier options with the Lundi 20. There’s the Greg and Manu, a 41L dual sided pannier set that attaches via the MIK system. It works perfectly with a single baby seat or seat pad at the rear of the Lundi 20. The Greg and Manu is waterproof, features reflective decals for safety, and is easily carried off the bike.

If you’re after a lightweight pannier option for your daily activities, the Moustache Clark 17L Backpack is worth a look. The Clark can be easily attached to the rear rack and doubles as a backpack when you reach your destination. Once again Moustache have nailed the details with its waterproof and reflective decal design.

The most popular pannier option with the Lundi 20 range is the huge 45L Clementine Panniers. A set of Clementine Panniers will fit a week’s worth of groceries. You can also fold them away when transporting passengers. This provides a footrest for your passengers’ feet.

Lundi 20

A set of Clementine Panniers gives you 90 litres of storage space.

How does all this weight get from A to B, is it quite hard to ride?

All the bikes in the Lundi 20 range use Bosch’s top of the line Cargo Line Motor. The Cargo Line Motor is ultra-powerful, providing 400 percent assistance from a standstill. Starting from a set of traffic lights is easier than with any other Bosch Motor.

Lundi 20

Bosch’s top of the line Cargo Line Motor is used across the range.

Moustache have also fitted wide and reinforced 20 x 2.3” tyres to the Lundi 20 range. This makes the ride comfortable by absorbing bumps, and provide lots of grip when turning.

An additional feature when it comes to comfort is the dropper seatpost with in built suspension. The seatpost has 40mm of suspension on offer.

Is it harder to ride a fully loaded eBike? Are there any additional safety features?

Safety was a huge priority in the design of the Lundi 20. Moustache have integrated high quality lights front and rear. The rear light increases in brightness when you’re braking to alert other road and path users you’re slowing down. Speaking of brakes, the Lundi 20 range uses eBike specific Magura brakes with huge 203 and 180mm rotors.

Lundi 20

The rear light increases in brightness under braking.

The use of the dropper post allows people of different heights to ride the bike. It also means you can put the seat down at a set of traffic lights and put your feet down.

On the topic of the dropper post, most other brands wouldn’t fit a dropper to their cargo bike. This is because moving the post up and down can stretch the cable and cause mechanical issues. Moustache have solved this problem by storing a longer dropper post cable in an integrated way underneath the frame. It’s easy to adjust the post’s length in either direction safely.

Another safety feature with the Lundi 20 is the wheel and chain guards. The PP guards stop passengers’ legs and luggage from getting stuck in the rear wheel. As a bonus the rear wheel guard and oversized front mudguard will keep you dry no matter the weather.

The Lundi 20’s kickstand is as sturdy as they come.

If you’re parking the bike, you don’t want it falling over. Moustache have engineered an incredibly sturdy oversized, double-sided kickstand that’s easy to operate. On the topic of parking the bike, the Albert protection bar features protruding bumpers on all four corners. Little hands won’t get pinched if you’re parking the bike against a wall.

How do I store the Lundi 20?

Storing a bike can be tricky. For this reason, Moustache have designed the bottom of the rear rack with rubber bumpers. These allow you to store the Lundi 20 vertically, so it’ll take up minimal room. Moustache have integrated a spring to connect the main frame with the fork. This means the handlebars will stay put when you store the bike vertically. This is also beneficial for apartment living where taking your bike in the lift is necessary.

Storing the bike vertically takes up less space.

Another great feature for those who need to take their bike somewhere they can’t ride it is the Bosch walk function. The walk function powers the rear wheel with the push of a button. The bike will propel itself forwards with very little effort required.

What’s the full list of accessories I can use?

  • Charlie Front Rack – This is one of two front rack options, and is a great choice for minimalists or those who don’t need to carry much on the front of their Lundi 20
  • Magnum Front Rack – The Magnum Front Rack is the most popular front rack choice with the Lundi 20, as it allows you to fit all sorts of cargo to the front of the bike
  • Frida MIK 33L Crate – Frida fits perfectly on the Magnum Front Rack, and is the perfect hard-wearing accessory for those who want maximum utility from their Lundi 20
  • Salvador MIK 23L Basket – The Salvador is a stylish 23L basket that works perfectly with the Charlie Front Rack, or for those who prefer the ease of use of a basket over the Frida crate
  • Clark 17L Backpack – The Clark 17L Backpack is a commuter’s dream with plenty of room for your daily essentials and a universal fit system to the rear rack
  • Clementine 45L Pannier – The Clementine 45L Pannier can carry a week’s worth of groceries with ease, while also folding away when you don’t need them
  • Diego Passenger Bar – The Diego Passenger Bar is the perfect accessory to accompany the Moustache x Urban Iki Seat Pad. This simple handhold will keep passengers safe on your ride.
  • Greg and Manu 37L Double Pannier – The Greg and Manu 37L double pannier is the perfect choice for those that don’t require the huge volume of the Clementine Pannier, or those fitting one child seat or seat pad to the rear of the Lundi 20
  • Moustache Hook Kit – The Moustache Hook Kit is custom designed to work with the Lundi 20, and provides an additional layer of security for your cargo as well as securing irregularly shaped cargo
  • Mario Modular Bar – The Mario Modular Bar is another handy accessory that makes carrying irregularly shaped cargo simple

What models of Lundi are available in New Zealand:

For availability, please get in touch with your nearest dealer. See below for links to each model.


Lundi 20.3


Lundi 20.3 DUAL


Lundi 20.5


Lundi 20.5 DUAL

If you’ve got any questions about any of the bikes in our range, don’t hesitate to contact us!

You can view the range on the Moustache website here.


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