How to transport your eBike

How to transport your eBike.

How to transport your eBike

Long before I setup eBike Studio and Chargeabout Queenstown (Campbell Read, owner), I used to throw my bikes on the classic two-prong bike rack. I’d secure them with an old tube and call it done. There wasn’t a thought in my mind on how to transport an eBike safely and securely. 

How to transport your eBike

Prong style bike racks get your bike from A to B, but they aren’t the best for taking care of your bikes.

There’s no doubt this quick, easy and cheap method got my bikes from A to B. There’s also no doubt the prongs rubbed away at my bike’s paint, leaving dull patches all over my bikes. When there were multiple bikes on the rack there was all manner of bike parts banging against each other. There was damage almost every time I transported my bikes. 

Seeking a solution:

When I started eBike Studio and Chargeabout Queenstown I needed to find a higher quality option for transporting my beautiful Moustache and Benno bikes.

I tried a number of different racks from a number of different brands. Eventually I settled on Thule as my brand of choice. This was due to their well thought out, easy to use products.

Why Thule?

When it comes to how to transport an eBike, Thule is eBike Studio’s rack of choice for many reasons. We’ve narrowed down our favourite racks to three main options. This includes two towball options and a tailgate option for utes.

Why don’t we have roof rack or boot mounted options? As eBikes are heavier than regular bikes, getting them on and off roof racks can be quite challenging. Once again due to the weight, we don’t recommend a strap on, boot style bike rack. These racks are nowhere near as secure as a towball mounted option.

The Thule Euroway G2 923:

The first Thule option we recommend is the Euroway G2 923. This three-bike rack is eBike compatible and will fit almost all of our Moustache and Benno bikes. The exceptions are mountain bikes with wide tyres (for example the Wide, Trail and Game series) and the Benno Boost E. We could discuss the features of this rack in novel-length depth, but we’ll stick to our favourite features!


How to transport your eBike

The Thule Euroway G2 923.

1. Boot access

The rack tilts with bikes attached. This means you can access the rear of your car without taking the bikes off the rack. The tilt is activated by a light action foot lever.

2. Getting bikes on and off with ease

Have you ever put bikes on a bike rack and then realised you won’t be able to secure them? Thule have a solution for that. Their removable arms allow you to perfectly secure your bikes. The jaws of the arms are made from soft rubber. You can drive stress free knowing your pride and joy won’t get rubbed raw on the journey. The damping of the rubber also makes them safe for carbon frames.

The soft rubber locking jaws won’t damage your bike’s paint.

Worried about lifting your new eBike onto the rack? The Thule loading ramp makes getting your bike on the rack as simple as rolling it on.

Thule’s loading ramp makes putting bikes on your car a breeze.

3. Security

Heading to the cafe after your ride but don’t feel comfortable leaving your bikes on the rack? The Euroway G2 923 solves this problem. The rack locks to your towball, and the arms clamping the bikes are also lockable. No more running out of the cafe to check the bikes are still there!

Worried you might misplace the keys to these locks? Thule have that covered as well with their one key system.

4. Road legal

Have you ever written your number plate number on a piece of paper, zip-tied it to your bike rack and hoped you didn’t get pulled over? This isn’t a problem with the Euroway G2 923. Integrated number plate carrier, brake and indicator lights will keep the highway patrol happy.

5. Lightweight, compact and portable

The Euroway G2 923 comes in at an impressive 16kg. This is significantly lighter than other similar style racks on the market. Pop your rack on and off with your back’s approval. Need to store your rack and don’t have much space? The Euroway G2 923 folds completely flat. It also fits perfectly in the boot of most cars.

The Thule Velocompact 925:

The second towball based Thule rack we recommend is the Velocompact 925. The Velocompact 925 only fits two bikes, but is our choice of rack if you’re transporting mountain bikes with wide tyres (think our Wide, Trail and Game bikes).

The Thule Velocompact 925.

The Velocompact 925 comes with all the same features as the Euroway G2 923 but in a slightly lighter and smaller package (14kg). Wide wheelbase bikes such as the Game series work well with the Velocompact 925. This is due to its adjustable length sliders.

The Velocompact 925 is our choice for larger bikes.

The Thule Gate Mate 823:

Last but not least is our choice for those asking ‘how to transport an eBike when I’ve got a ute?’. In the past I’ve thrown bikes into the tray without thinking about the damage sliding around during the journey will cause. I now know there’s an easier, safer solution that won’t scratch up your bike. The Gate Mate 823 also allows you to take more bikes with you.

The Thule Gate Mate 823.

The Thule Gate Mate 823’s heavy-duty vinyl tailgate pads with foam inserts protects both delicate fork stanchions and your vehicle’s paint job. Knock-Blocks keep bikes from sliding off the edge of the tailgate, while a cutaway provides access to the handle of the tailgate without needing to remove the pad.

Strap anchors built into the pad work as tie-down points for bikes and other loads. The Thule Gate Mate 823 is the best ute bike rack you never knew you needed! It’s the premier option when it comes to utes and how to transport an eBike. 

In summary:

While it does mean spending a little more money upfront when you buy your new bike or bikes, getting a quality bike rack that’s going to last the distance and allow you to load your bike safely and easily is paramount. My own personal Thule racks are still going strong from when I started eBike Studio and Chargeabout Queenstown, and spare parts are easy to source.

If you’ve got any questions about what bike rack is right for you and how to transport an eBike, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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