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2021 Sur-Ron LBX Dirt


Here at eBike Studio, we’re excited to be the Otago agent for Sur-Ron’s extremely fun, reliable and modestly priced electric motorcycles.
We love dirt bikes but the dirt bike in its current form isn’t the most sustainable or environmentally friendly form of fun. The Sur-Ron range represents GOOD CLEAN FUN. It’s quiet, doesn’t pollute the air and here in New Zealand, it’s mostly re-fueled by wind and hydro!
We have two demos available at Chargeabout Queenstown, contact us if you’d like to take one of these weapons for a ride! These electric motorcycles are perfect for a lifestyle block as well as general riding.
Please don’t consider these as electric bicycles, it’s very important these don’t get used on any cycle or walking trails.

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The 2021 Sur-Ron LBX Dirt promises a ton of fun on all terrain. The removable Panasonic Lithium-ion battery gives you more than 6kW of peak power. This gives you the power to go further, faster and with more control.

The lightweight alloy frame combined with high-end components means the Sur-Ron LBX Dirt weighs in at just 55kg. This doesn’t mean the Sur-Ron LBX Dirt has sacrificed performance or durability, however.

Four-piston hydraulic disc brakes with 203mm rotors front and rear give maximum stopping power and control. Premium suspension componentry means you’ll have support and traction in all conditions. Quality off-road specific wheels and tires mean you’ll be able to trust the grip in the turns. Finally, an LCD dash with a USB charger point gives you all the ride information you need as well as a convenient charging option.

Aimed at youths all the way through to adults, the Sur-Ron LBX Dirt conquers climbs of over 45° with near-silent operation. The large battery capacity and efficient motor offer hours of fun with a range of 30 to 100 kilometers per charge, depending on what mode you’re using. Top speed for the Sur-Ron LBX Dirt is 70kmph. The battery recharge is an ultra-fast 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

For just $8395, the 2021 Sur-Ron LBX Dirt offers the full off-road motorcycle experience at a fraction of the cost.

More information on the Sur-Ron LBX Dirt can be found here.

The Sur-Ron LBX Dirt is currently available in blue and white, as well as black and silver (as shown in photos).

Looking for a road-legal electric motorcycle? Click here to check out the 2021 Sur-Ron LBX.

Both the Sur-Ron LBX Road Legal and Sur-Ron LBX Dirt Bike come with a limited one year warranty.



  • Top Speed – 73KMPH
  • Range-100km @20kmh
  • 3500w motor
  • Peak Power-5000w
  • Max Climb-45 Degree
  • High torque mid-drive
  • Single Speed, no transmission or clutch
  • Removable 60V 32AH PANASONIC battery
  • Custom Dashboard
  • USB Charger
  • Bike weight – 55Kg
  • 176 Panasonic 18650 cells
  • 2000wH battery for huge range and power
  • High-quality 10amp charger, full charge in 3 hours
  • Sand forged Aluminium frame, lightweight and high strength
  • Easy to operate with standard and sport modes
  • Limited one year warranty