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Benno High Rail



The Benno High Rail is compatible with the Benno rear rack found on pre-2020 Boost E models. The rail can be used alongside a rear pad to provide a secure handrail for passengers, while a Benno Rail Pad cushions the rail.

The installation instructions can be found here.

To attach this rail you’ll need a Benno Rail Clamp Set.

Benno Mini Sideloaders give the passengers somewhere to rest their feet, and Benno Wheel Guards prevent anything coming into contact with the spokes while riding. This is particularly important with passengers or lots of luggage onboard.

The below photo shows one of our favourite Benno Boost E setups.

The Dad bike. Carry a small child in a baby seat and another kid on the back seated on the Rear Rack Pad while holding Benno Rail Pads. Store their goodies in the Benno Front Utility Tray or attached to the rear rack, and protect the rear wheel from intrusive objects with Benno Wheel Guards.

Looking to balance out the weight at the rear with some luggage on the front? The Benno Utility Front Tray and Benno Utility Front Tray Bag are worth a look.

Another High Rail setup with Benno Rear Pannier Bags and a Front Utility Tray. Lots of space for luggage.


Bike compatibility: Benno Boost E
Color: Black
Dimensions: 55cm x 68cm x 20cm (W x L x H)
Weight: 1110g

For the 2020 Benno Boost E the compatible rail and clamp combination is the 2020 High Rail Plus and 2020 Benno Rail Clamps.



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