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Benno XXL Trunk Bag


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The Benno XXL Trunk Bag is a very large versatile bag with a volume of 170 Liters! This bag is designed for the Benno High Rail or the Benno Platform Rail.

The trunk bag is highly durable and has multiple closing options depending on how secure the load needs to be, this is made possible due to the velcro strips as seen above.



  • Compatible with Benno Boost E / eJoy / eScout (Fitted with Benno High Rail or the Benno Platform Rail)
  • Color: Black
  • Volume: 170 liters
  • Dimensions: 50cm x 59cm x 25-66cm (Width x Length x Height)

Benno Boost with the XXL tunk bag installed

For more information on the Benno XXL Trunk Bag, click here.

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Benno Utility Front Tray Bag is an excellent storage option that attaches easily to the front of your Benno.


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