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Bosch PowerTube 500wh Battery Vertical


500wh PowerTube batteries Vertical

This Battery will fit most new Bosch electric bikes, get in contact us to make sure it will fit into your bike.


The new Bosch PowerTube 500 is a 500Wh battery that’s compatible with 2020 Bosch e-bike systems. The battery integrates within any eBike that uses the PowerTube battery (which includes most Moustache bikes, as well as other bike brands such as Trek).

Moustache Compatibility

Compatible with the new Moustache 2020 range eBikes, the battery is perfectly protected by the frame. The exclusive Moustache fixing dock reduces the bulk in the frame and guarantees maximum security. The battery unlocks and stops on a safety latch so it doesn’t fall out. It can then be unclipped and grasped easily. This extension makes handling easy and enables the use of different batteries in the same bike.

Horizontal and Vertical options

The Bosch PowerTube 500 is available in two different versions: the Horizontal PowerTube or the Vertical PowerTube. The Bosch reference for the vertical battery is 0 275 007 540. Check the label on the side of your battery and if you are unsure about your bike compatibility please contact us.

Bosch PowerTube 625Wh

The PowerTube is further available in a 625Wh option here. Moustache designed and developed a fixing dock extension specifically for the 625Wh PowerTube batteries to maintain the flush fitting of the battery.

Take a look at the Moustache Bikes range simulator 

  • Model: PowerTube 500 Vertical
  • Bosch reference: 0 275 007 540
  • Voltage: 36 V
  • Capacity: 13.4 Ah
  • Energy content: 500 Wh
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Size: Vertical – 349 x 84 x 65 mm


If you are wanting to purchase a Bosch component please click here, to read about our requests when we sell a customer a Bosch component.

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