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Moustache Clementine Large 45L Pannier



The Moustache Clementine Large 45L Pannier is an extra-wide pannier that will add perfectly to each side of the luggage rack on your Lundi 20. Strong and waterproof to confidently transport your belongings, it easily closes using the long velcro straps, whatever level it’s filled to.

Once attached to your luggage rack, there’s no need to take it off to seat your passengers: you just need to fold it over on itself once it’s empty.
Practical! And for improved stability on your cargo bike, add another on the other side of your luggage rack to add even more luggage ;-{D
  • Big capacity of 45 L
  • Good stability to ease filling
  • Waterproof
  • Wide reflective bands for more safety
  • Folds completely once it’s empty so as not to bother passengers
  • Mounts on luggage racks with standard attachments


Click here for more information on the Moustache Clementine Large 45L Pannier.

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