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Moustache Quick-Park Stem


The Moustache Quick-Park Stem means you can fold the handlebar by 90° in just a few seconds.


The new revolutionary Moustache Quick-Park Stem designed by Moustache allows you to store your bike and transport it with ease with the ability to flip the stem sideways giving you more space and protecting the handlebars of your bike!
Available in 80mm & 100mm Stem lengths
Moustache Quick-Park Stem instructions:
First Step:

Press the button on the top of the stem with your thumb. (marked with “push”)

Second Step:

Open the blockage lever with your fingers.

Third Step:

Ensure you are facing the front wheel and block the wheel between your legs. Then turn the stem by 90°.
Make sure you close the lever.


See more information at the Moustache website or contact us to enquire about compatibility and availability.

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