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Sur-Ron 60V/32Ah Battery



The Sur-Ron 60V/32Ah battery will work with both the Sur-Ron LBX Dirt and the Sur-Ron LBX Road Legal Electric Motorbikes. This battery will provide between 30-100km of riding when fully charged. This range depends on the level of assistance being used.

Battery Features:

  • 18650 high-quality lithium cells produced by Panasonic provide reliable and efficient power
  • 4 real-time temperature sensors work in sync with the BMS (battery management system). This ensures optimal running conditions within the battery. Battery longevity is also increased
  • High-quality charge display shows accurate battery levels. The battery level is easily visible when riding
  • The battery’s aluminum enclosure protects the battery cells from shock and vibration. Water ingress is also prevented.
  • 3 hour charge time with the 10a Fast Charger. This charger comes as standard with the Sur-Ron LBX Dirt and LBX Road Legal models
  • The battery is easily accessible and can be removed in under thirty seconds. The battery is also secured by a key-accessed cover for security

For more information on the Sur-Ron 60V/32Ah battery, click here.

See below for more information on our Sur-Ron range here at eBike Studio:


Here at eBike Studio, we’re excited to be the Otago agent for Sur-Ron. The two bikes in the range are the S-Ron LBX Dirt and the LBX Road Legal.
We love dirt bikes but the dirt bike in its current form isn’t the most sustainable or form of fun. The Sur-Ron range represents GOOD CLEAN FUN. It’s quiet and doesn’t pollute the air. Here in New Zealand, it’s also mostly re-fueled by wind and hydro!
We have two demos available at Chargeabout Queenstown. Please contact us if you’d like to take one of these weapons for a ride! These electric motorcycles are perfect for a lifestyle block, as well as general riding.
Please don’t consider these as electric bicycles. It’s very important these don’t get used on any cycle or walking trails.