The Benno Accessory Difference

The Benno Accessory Difference

The Benno Accessory Difference

Aboard a Benno you’ve got endless possibilities. Want to head down to the beach for a surf and grab some shopping on the way home? Check. Dropping the kids off to daycare and running errands afterwards? Check. One of the main reasons all of the bikes within the Benno range are so versatile is the array of accessory possibilities. 

Benno’s ethos is all about getting people out on bikes more often. They’re not interested in racing. Their sole focus is making it easier for people to cycle more often in comfort, and have the ability to carry out daily tasks with ease. We’ve written more about the background of Benno bikes and their ethos here. This article will focus on the Benno Accessory Difference. 

The Benno Accessory Difference

A Benno Boost E kitted out for the legendary Air Zermatt rescue team. The definition of etility.

Getting people to leave the car keys at home and swing a leg over their bike can be tricky. Cargo bikes of the past have been hard work when loaded, but due to the assistance of an eBike, you can now go for a ride and not need a shower afterwards. How much luggage you take, and how it affects the handling of the bike remained a problem though.

The Benno Accessory Difference:

This is where the Benno range shines with their ingenious solutions to carrying more luggage in comfort. Another key feature is the ability to load the bike with minimal impact on the bike’s handling.

Benno rear pannier bags:

Benno’s rear pannier bags are a perfect example of this. These water-resistant, oversized bags are designed to be used like a car trunk. Simply drop in your backpack, grocery bags, boxes or other oversized items and secure them with the adjustable strap system.

Depending on the size of the item, you can close the bag or keep the cover open for the load to extend out. The bags are designed to have the weight dispersed evenly on either side. When these panniers are securely attached to the frame there’s none of the swaying sensations you can experience with other pannier and rack designs. 

The Benno Accessory Difference

Benno’s oversized panniers hold plenty of cargo securely and evenly.

Benno Front Tray:

Benno’s front tray is another example of an accessory that’s far and above most other offerings on the market. The front tray can carry up to 10kg and with its open front design, you can transport large items. This heavy-duty tray mounts to the front of the frame so it won’t affect steering balance, letting you carry loads effortlessly while enjoying a stable ride.

The Benno Accessory Difference

Benno Front Tray Bag:

Whilst waterproof pannier and frame bags aren’t revolutionary, Benno’s front tray specific bag keeps your luggage dry, as well as fitting neatly and securely on the front tray. It’s the little details that count!

The Benno Accessory Difference

Benno Extension Rails:

If you’re shopping for the whole family you’re going to want as much carrying capacity as possible, as well as the ability to secure your cargo well. Carry and secure even larger loads with the new, easy-to-mount Extension Rails for Benno’s Utility Rear Racks that come as standard on Benno Boost E models. The Platform Rail extends the rack deck into an extra-large platform, while the High Rail adds more railing to help keep your cargo in place.

Supernova E3 Headlights:

When you get a Benno you’re going to find yourself riding at all times of the day, and that means you’ll need lights. Fear not though, as Benno include integrated lights with all of their bikes.

The German-made Supernova E3 Headlight’s thermal core technology keeps the LED at a low temperature. This 75g CNC-machined light is fully integrated and powered by the Bosch System, and can be easily controlled by the Bosch Purion on-board computer with a push of your thumb.

Supernova E3 Taillights:

For maximum visibility at the rear of the bike, Benno integrates the high-performance Supernova E3 Tail Light. Its Twin Beam technology offers an extremely bright power beam, as well as a wide 250° side beam angle. This aluminum alloy LED light weighs next to nothing and is 100% waterproof.

Personalising your Benno:

As we said earlier, a Benno can be personalised for any rider. See below for some examples on how you can setup Boost E, eJoy and eScout models for your needs.

Custom Benno Boost E Setups:

12 ways to ride a Benno Boost E.

Custom Benno eScout Setups: 

12 ways to kit out your Benno eScout.

Custom Benno eJoy Setups:

The Benno eJoy is much more than a beautiful cruiser.

Benno’s commitment to ‘etility’ truly is best in class within the bike industry, and this is why we’re proud to stock their classy bikes here at eBike Studio. There’s no doubt the Benno Accessory Difference is truly there. If you’ve got any questions regarding the Benno range, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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