The Moustache Ride Experience

The Moustache Ride Experience

There’s no denying that eBikes are heavier than regular bikes, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing (for more information on bike weight click here). With clever design however the Moustache Ride Experience achieves a superior ride feel to ‘regular’ bikes.

The Moustache Ride Experience is achieved through a number of features, but there are three main principals:


     1. Fit for purpose geometry


The smallest details have the biggest impact. Therefore, Moustache have laboured over the geometry of every bike in their line up. Bikes like the Xroad and Xroad FS feature an upright, comfortable geometry that’s perfect for urban riding and off-road touring. Click here to see Consumer NZ’s take on the all new Xroad series. 

Our Off 2 and Off 4 models are another ‘jack of all trades’ style of eBike that you can commute on through the week and hit the trails on at the weekend with their confidence-inspiring geometry.

The Moustache Ride Experience

On the other end of the spectrum are the Game and Trail series. Featuring cutting edge mountain bike design, these bikes are ready to tackle the roughest trails. The Game series has already received very positive feedback

The Moustache Ride Experience

       2. Intelligent weight distribution


A heavier bike isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and if the weight is in the right place the bike’s handling can be improved. For this reason Moustache engineer their bikes to keep the weight low and central. This allows for agile handling and incredible stability. 

The placement of the battery within the frame creates an incredibly stiff downtube, resulting in a direct ride feel with every watt propelling you further.


       3. Overall specifications and Just Moustache components


Where other brands cut costs, Moustache see an opportunity to enhance their bike’s ride quality. This creates the unique Moustache Ride Experience.

Moustache select each and every component on the bike to aid ride quality and durability, not to meet price points. To learn more about Just Moustache components, click here. 

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