What is the lifespan of my Bosch eBike Battery?

Bosch eBike Battery Range

What is the lifespan of my Bosch eBike Battery?

The Bosch eBike Battery is the industry standard for a powerful, economical and long lasting battery. This is something we’ve seen first hand since ChargeAbout Queenstown and the eBikeStudio first brought Bosch powered eBikes to New Zealand.

This article will discuss the overall longevity of your Bosch eBIke Battery. If you’d like to find out more about the range of your battery on a single charge, click here.

The Battery Management System:

We’re happy to report that the lifespan of the Bosch eBike batteries is quite incredible. Since 2013 we’ve had very few customers report that their battery isn’t holding its charge, and one of these riders had ridden over 25,000km! The clever battery management system (BMS) within Bosch eBike batteries is the key to this longevity.

Bosch’s eBike Battery Guide outlines how you can maximise the longevity of your battery.

Inside eBike batteries there are a group of cells that look like AA batteries all packed together. On a Bosch eBike battery there is a separate monitor on each of these cells. The reason for this is should the BMS sense a cell is overheating, the system has the ability to draw more power from the other cells until the overheating cell cools down. Protecting the cells from this extreme heat (as well as cold) is vital to make a battery last.

Bosch’s clever BMS system makes their batteries the best eBike batteries availible.

What about other eBike batteries on the market?

You might have seen other brands flouting the Panasonic or Samsung cells within their batteries. These are indeed qualty brands but if the cells aren’t looked after by a smart BMS they simply won’t last.

It’s quite clear Bosch are the leaders in this field. If you have questions about the lifespan of yout Bosch eBIke Battery don’t hesitate to contact us.

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