Who is Benno?

Who is Benno?

Who is Benno?

Benno Bikes was founded by Benno Baenziger in 2015. Benno is no stranger to the bike industry however, having already founded Electra Bicycle Company in 1993. In his 21 years with the company, he led them to international success.

Electra bikes were revolutionary in the bike industry due their proprietary ‘Flat Foot Technology’. Flat Foot Technology (FFT) allowed people to have their saddle at the right height for pedalling efficiency. In 1993 having the correct saddle height meant your feet were barely able to touch the ground. Through inventive geometry, Electra bikes allowed you to put your foot on the ground quickly and easily.

From Electra to Benno:

Benno sold Electra Bicycle Company in 2014 and in 2015 the next chapter of his career began. Benno Bikes comes from the same DNA as Electra. Benno’s vision for people having bikes as a part of their life as opposed to ‘being a cyclist’ shines throughout the Benno range. Benno wants to empower people to leave the car keys at home and ride more. His company is as passionate about riding to the shops as most brands are about winning races. 

A Benno Boost kitted out for the legendary Air Zermatt rescue team.

The advent of eBikes has played a prominent role in the emergence of Benno Bikes. eBikes flatten hills, shorten distances, negate headwinds and allow you to carry more cargo. The range of Bennos have every cyclist (and non cyclist) covered. From style-conscious to speed-focused to cargo-carrying riders, Benno has it all.

What bikes have we got?

Here at eBike Studio we’ve hand-selected the eJoy, eScout and eBoost bikes for our range. The eJoy is a stylish, beach cruiser inspired eBike with craftily integrated carrying solutions. You’ll look as stylish cruising along the beach as you will at the shops on the way home. 

2020 Benno eJoy - Citron Green

The Benno eJoy in Citron Green.

The eScout is a speedy, commuter focussed eBike fitted with stealthily integrated carrying options. As a result, its comfortable but sporty position will get you from A to B as fast as you like. Despite this, the eScout feels just as at home going on a Sunday cruise with the family.

2020 Benno eScout - Matte Graphite Grey

The Benno eScout in Graphite Grey.

The eBoost is the most revolutionary mid cargo bike on the market. Through clever bike design, the eBoost handles very similarly to a regular bike. The main benefit of the eBoost, however, is the plethora of options for carrying cargo. A surfboard, the kids or even the family dog will all fit aboard an eBoost.

The Benno eBoost in Speed Machine Blue.

Where agility meets utility you’ll find Benno bikes.

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