Why We Need Proof That Your Bike Is YOURS?

Why We Need Proof That Your Bike Is YOURS?

Here at ChargeAbout New Zealand, we have the abilty to provide customers with genuine Bosch Ebike componets. 

We acknowledge that there is a risk of bikes being stolen, this may be with or without the battery and controller. Therefore we have a responsibility to protect the true owners of the ebike. 

Key steps the buyer of a bosch component needs to take before we can let the item go out the door.



Key Information we need before providing you with the new bosch item!

  • Serial Number (S/N)
  • Proof Of Purchase (POP)

If you are able to provide this information we are more than happy to provide you with the bosch items you wanting to purchase. 


Thank you for your coraporation and understanding, We are doing this to keep your bike safe.

Feel free to contact us and discuss any questions you may have.



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